Building Les Pauls
with Freddy Gabrsek
Part 2


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All wood is stored in a temperature and humidity controlled room.



I've marked out how I will re-saw this piece of mahogany in order to get two quartersawn necks.



The rough neck profile has been bandsawn. Notice how the two pieces are laid out in a very economic mating position.



Here is a very simple 4 1/2 degree tenon jig.



I use a router with a pattern following bit to route the heel mating surface.



The finished tenons.



This is a dry fit of the tenon into the mortise, it's nice and snug without being forced...just what I want.



Making sure that the fingerboard gluing surface of the neck and the body are aligned.



Routing the necks for truss rods.



re-sawing holly for the peghead overlay.



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