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As a third generation woodworker I got my start early on, growing up in my father’s workshop learning everything about wood and craftsmanship getting my first set of real tools when I was seven. By the time I was in my teens playing in bands, my shop skills were well honed. After playing a variety of guitars I remember thinking "wouldn’t it be great to make a guitar to my own specifications"! In the late 1980’s I began my career as a luthier working in music stores doing repairs and building custom instruments for local players. Soon after I began to do guitar work for the Jeff Healey Band, Rush and Glass Tiger. This line of work took me on international tours and into some major recording studios. To further develop my skills, I studied acoustic instrument construction at the Ontario College of Art and Design. In addition to being a luthier, I am also a professional audio engineer employed at the Shaw Festival for over 20 years as well as recording and live sound freelancing. I find the skill of critical listening and assessment as well as the knowledge of the physics of sound extremely valuable to me as a luthier. Some examples of CDs that I have produced and engineered include "Done Me Live" and "You, Me and the Whiskey" by The Done Me Wrongs, "Taking The Wheel" by Jeff Madden, "Tristan The Musical" and "Maria Severa" both composed by Jay Turvey and Paul Sportelli (Musical Director at the Shaw Festival), two CDs for the Niagara Men's Chorus and a CD for soprano Maria Shantz which was recorded in St. Mark's Anglican Church, the oldest church in Ontario.
Much of the recording equipment that I use I have built myself under the name "Origin Audio Electronics". The Origin Audio line includes large diaphragm tube microphones, class A discreet microphone preamplifiers, high voltage tube microphone preamplifiers and tube-opto compressors. My latest design is an 8 channel tube mic preamp that sounds spectacular! Check it out here.
I am currently building a new line of electric guitars that I'm very excited about. These guitars feature the finest woods and hardware. Featuring a super smooth non-locking tremolo that stays 100% in tune, quartersawn hard maple necks and nitro lacquer. Truly high performance instruments for the professional musician or high end guitar afficianado. As well as building guitars I'm doing repairs out of my shop which is based in beautiful Niagara-on-the-Lake. Please feel free to call or e-mail me if you would like to drop in.


* Hand made guitars of the finest quality
* The Art of tonal wood craft
* Custom built to any specification (neck, shape, material etc.)
* Showroom finishes
* Precision set-ups, instrument repair & restoration

Please feel free to send me any thoughts, questions or concerns you may have.

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I can also be reached at (905) 468-9155