Building Les Pauls
with Freddy Gabrsek
Part 4


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Bending the fretwire...I like a bit of an overbend.



First I cut the frets nearly flush to the fingerboard and then I press them in.



Gluing and clamping the binding.



Trimming the binding down flush to the fingerboard and the fret ends.



To make side dots, I cut up some tortoise colour picks and superglued the pieces to the blunt end of a 3/32" drill bit.



I chucked up the drill bit with the tortoise piece glued to the end and turned it down flush to the diameter of the bit with a file. This photo is as seen through my magnifying goggles, I just put them right over the lens of the camera.



I didn't have a brad point drill bit of the right size to drill the peghead holes, so I ground my own brad pointed bit from a regular twist drill with this cutting wheel set-up. I did have to grind the back-rake freehand though.



To avoid tear-out, I always stop short of breaking through when drilling. Flipping the piece and re-entering the hole left by the brad point makes it nice and clean.



Since I used a pattern bit to cut out the peghead profile, I had to chisel in the corner at the top of the head.



The finished neck.



The back of the neck.



Fine tuning the fit of the mortise and tenon joint.





A nice fit.




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